SOLAR_OS -- Downloads

Solar_OS Latest releases

Date File Notes
2018_07_02 x64, v0.1.114.00 - better x64 version
- bugs fixed
- more x64 Apps running
- added PE64 and binary app
loading and running from HDD
2018_06_17 x64, v0.1.112.00 - better x64 version
- added kernel Threads
- more Apps running
2018_05_27 x64, v0.1.108.00 - WIP, first x64 version

Older x32 versions

Date File link Notes
2009_07_22 version 0.104.05 added samples
2009_07_20 version 0.104.04 minor bug fix
2009_07_19 version 0.104.03 intermediate release

Solar_OS applications samples

Date File link Notes
2007_11_20 Make Window, list box, file list samples

Much Older versions:

Date File link Notes
2008_01_06 Exports more API