Solar OS - Formats for building an application

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Available formats

In how many output formats can one build an application for SOLAR_OS ?

In the current stage of Solar_OS you have the following options:

Applications Embedded inside the kernel

This kind of application has many advantages but it is available only to the very few that have access to the SOLAR_OS kernel source code.

The advantages of kernel embedded applications
The disadvantages of kernel embedded applications

Applications in PE format

If you intend to run the application from a HDD or other external media then one option is to build it as a Win32 PE with some specific limitations:

At runtime the PE loader inside SOLAR OS will load, map, relocate and resolve the imported SOLAR_OS API.

The advantages of building as PE
The disadvantages of building as PE

Application in Raw Binary format

One hardcore option is to have the sample compiled as a pure binary.

If you want to build it as a binary and still launch/run it from the HDD then you will have to add extra code in order to handle position independent code and resolve API functions at runtime.

The advantages of building as Binary
The disadvantages of building as Binary