Solar OS API Reference

In the fine gap between events and thoughts...
shines the eternal truth

Actions and Events

Events are not exactly an API.

However the functioning of the OS and applications depends on handling such events.

They define the interfaces for the callbacks between the OS and Application or window.

Defined Actions

Events in Solar OS are named "actions" hence the "ACT_" prefix

Events Description
ACT_PAINT_CHILD This message is send by OS to request a child window to redraw its contents
Is sent every OS frame and can be used to do background operations but only if the window is not minimized.
ACT_LEFT_DOWN_CHILD Mouse left button down inside control
ACT_LEFT_UP_CHILD Mouse left button up inside control.
User button actions should be executed here.
ACT_LEFT_DRAG_CHILD Mouse left button drag in control.
ACT_KEY_CHILD A key press in a focused control
ACT_CLOSE_CHILD The window is about to be killed.
User code should dealocate memory here.
ACT_NOTIFY_FRAME This event is send by the OS to windows that have a NOTIFY callback.
Used to perform background tasks.
ACT_LIST_SEL_ITEM A item was selected in a control.
ACT_RIGHT_DOWN Mouse right button down inside a window
ACT_RIGHT_UP Mouse right button up inside a window
ACT_RIGHT_DRAG Mouse right button drag inside a window
ACT_SCROLL_DOWN Scroll down occured in a scroll bar
ACT_SCROLL_UP Scroll up occured in a scroll bar
ACT_SCROLL_LEFT Scroll left occured in a scroll bar
ACT_SCROLL_RIGHT Scroll right occured in a scroll bar
ACT_SCROLL_TRACK Scroll thumb track position in a scroll bar