Solar OS API - GUI - Structures

Structures are the organization of the void



This the main SOL WINDOW OBJECT structure. Base of all GUI operations. Each window HANDLE is an index into an array of such structures The structure is not yet finised...expect many changes in the future; however some members are here to stay.

Below is a table with the most relevant members


Member Type/Size Description
window_alive dword Flag that shows that this window is alive. Killed Windows are marked as "free" here.
window_parent dword HANDLE of the parent window
a Value of "-1" means that this is one of the Desktops
window_type dword ID of this window TYPE
window_focus dword flag to show focus
window_cursor dword ID of the cursor for this window
window_icon dword ID of the icon set (sprite) for this window
window_icon_phase dword ID of the icon item for this window
window_x,y,dx,dy 4xdword Window position and dimensions
window_data01 dword The first of private variables. There is space for 40 dwords here.
window_text 128 bytes Text buffer used for captions or edited text
window_callback_usr1 dword pointer to user callback procedure to be called BEFORE OS callback. IF == -1 (default) OS will not call it
window_callback dword Pointer to OS default callback procedure for this window type. OS will setup this callback at window creation time.
Will be called AFTER window_callback_usr1 and BEFORE window_callback_usr2
window_callback_usr2 dword pointer to user callback procedure to be called AFTER OS callback.
IF == -1 (default) OS will not call it
window_callback_notify dword Pointer to user callback procedure to be called for background tasks.
It is the last one to be executed if present.
IF == -1 (default) OS will not call it


There are more members of this structure, but they are private and not referenced by applications.


Sandboxed applications will not be able to access this structure directly.