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Hostile Encounter Beta 6c released as a free demo for GDC conference

You can grab it in the free downloads section.. hurry


Hostile Encounter Beta 6c released.

New features:


HE v012 Beta-5 released.

New features:


HE v012 Beta-4 released.

New features:


HE v012 Beta-3 released.

New features:


HE v012 Beta-2c released.

New features:


HE v012 Beta-1 released.

New features:

Beta testers please check the members area


  • Fan fiction section added
  • 29-may-2002

    New demo version HE v012 "Beta-0" is released.

    Starting from now:
    New demos are available only for our official beta testers. still free of charge but you will have to sign an NDA. Old demo HE v011 is still free with no NDA but is "outdated"

  • Some New things are
  • For more info join our beta testing programm.
  • 06-April-2002

    Some new things we are doing

  • Changed from fixed map size to any map sizes from 64x64 up to 256x256 ranges both in game and map editor. Making your own maps is much easy now
  • Improved Gods up link network, added some static defence
  • Improving the particle system engine. Adding gravitation and attractors. Some explosions will never be the same.
  • Working on reducing the memory requirements of the game
  • 30-December-2001

    Hostile Encounter DEMO v0.11 released today!

    Go get it in the demo downloads section... tell us how it works on your machines
    You can play 8 players FFA network games now!


    Great news for network games:

  • Net games will now run with 8 players.We have played our first network 3 Players Game!
  • 16 Players can apply for a game and creator will choose 8 of them to play.
  • Basic GUI for network game setup is working, you can select Map,Race,etc.
  • Looks like in the next demo release you can play 4v4 net games.
  • Multiple games will run on the same network now.
  • 04-November-2001

    More NEW things:

    Older news removed ...