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Solar Assembler Binary

Latest Versions

Date File Changes
2018_07_08 v0.36.76 FIX: Unicode, fix a bug in DU for Chinese UTF-8 chars
2018_06_14 v0.36.74 FIX: HLL, fix a crash in single orphan ENDP without PROC
FIX: x64, INVOKE, allow invoke [rsi+rax] assume qword
FIX: x64, INVOKE, add a check for RAX dirty in [rsi+rax+offset]
FIX: x64, fix a bug in TEST [local_var],num
FIX: x64, fix a bug in MOVZX rax, word [RSI]
FIX: x64, fix a bug in BSWAP encoding
2018_05_09 v0.36.62 FIX: x64, fix a bug in mov [rsi + STRU.my_dq],-1
2018_05_07 v0.36.58 FIX: x64, a critical bug in .IF [rsi+STRU.my_dq],
  (regression since v.
FIX: x64, error for using wrong registers in ModRM
2018_05_04 v0.36.56 ADD: MOVSQ,STOSQ,LODSQ,SCASQ encodings
FIX: x64, error for 32 bits base in invoke
FIX: x64, error for 32/16/8 bits args in invoke
FIX: fix a few internal bugs (missing USES)
2018_04_30 v0.36.52 FIX: a bug in STRUC, allow "-1" in stru init eg.{ -1 2 3 }
FIX: define / TEQU expand in PROC LOCAL variables
FIX: error when "MOV [],offset proc" can not be encoded in x64
FIX: errors for a few instructions that can not be encoded in x64
FIX: invoke, x64, use MOV RAX,offset; MOV [arg],RAX when needed
2018_04_28 v0.36.46 FIX: /pe64 /dll generates a valid DLL now
FIX: mov [my_dq_var],-1 or FFFFFFFF_F8FFFFFFh works now
FIX: mov [my_dq_var],imm RIP offset error for /binary
ADD: add "invoke win64,rax,arg1,arg2,..."
ADD: add a sample for generating/using an x64 DLL
2018_02_05 v0.36.40 FIX: an issue with .if r8 == [variable] and .if r9 == [variable]
NOTE: r08 and r09 would have worked
2016_08_13 v0.36.38 FIX: MOV reg,[r12] and MOV reg,[r13] encodings
FIX: MOV r9d,[esi] can have 32 bit address
2016_08_01 v0.36.34 FIX: relocations errors for RIP relative variable access on Linux / ELF64
2016_07_05 v0.36.32 FIX: fix a problem with mov rax,[bss_var] on Linux / ELF64
2016_07_01 v0.36.28 ADD: LIN64 invoke vararg, ADDR, Prologue, Epilogue handling for Linux
2016_03_30 v0.36.16 FIX: fix a critical bug in REX encoding for 64 bits

Older Versions

Date File
2012_11_05 v0.36.12
2012_10_30 v0.36.10
2010_05_09 v0.35.01
2009_10_25 v0.33.04
2009_10_23 v0.33.02
2009_10_05 v0.32.01
2009_08_16 v0.29.06
2009_08_02 v0.29.05
2009_07_18 v0.29.03
2009_07_03 v0.28.14
2009_07_01 v0.28.12
2009_06_21 v0.28.08
2009_06_16 v0.28.04
2009_06_13 v0.28.02
2009_06_11 v0.27.03
2009_06_08 v0.27.02
2009_06_07 v0.27.01
2009_04_18 v0.25.05
2009_04_07 v0.25.04
2009_04_05 v0.25.03
2009_01_24 v0.23.03
2008_12_17 v0.22.03
2008_12_08 v0.22.02
2008_09_28 v0.18.01
2008_04_25 v0.15.01
2008_04_15 v0.14.05
2008_03_27 v0.12.04
2008_03_26 v0.12.02
2008_03_23 v0.11.14
2008_03_16 v0.11.07
2008_02_23 v0.10.01
2008_02_20 v0.9.17