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	USES	ecx,edx,ebx,esi,edi
	ARG	dest_str_ptr, format_str_ptr, params

This function will print and convert a series of values and strings into a destination string as controled by a format string.

It generates ASCII null terminated strings.


Argument Type Description
dest_str_ptr dword pointer to destination string
format_str_ptr dword pointer to format string
params dword(s) first item from a variable number of arguments


Posible Errors:

Known format codes:

Format codes start with the ASCII "%" character. If you need to output the "%" then use "%%". Only a limited set of formats is curently implemented.

Format code Param Type Description
%x dword - value 32 bits hexadecimal number
%u dword - value decimal unsigned number
%s dword - string ptr inserts a string
%% nothing outputs a single "%"


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