SOLAR_OS API Reference

Copyright 2001,2015 Bogdan Valentin Ontanu,
All rights reserved.

API Reference

API Category Description
Window API Applications and Windows
Controls GUI Controls (buttons, listbox, treewiew, etc)
Memory API Memory operations
Files API File Operations
Draw API Drawing functions
PROC API Dynamic linking functions
Utility API Utility functions
Hardware API Low level hardware functions

SOLAR_OS Samples

Sample Description
Hello World Application How to create a simple GUI application
Using GUI - Buttons How to create and use Button control in a GUI application

SOLAR_OS Articles

Articles Description
About application formats In what format should I build my Solar_OS application: Embeded, PE or Binary ?
Per instance private variables How to create, init and use per instance private variables
SOL sprites format description Descrition of the sprites format used in SOL_OS for graphical objects

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