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Show me a handle and I will show you an address

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	USES	ebx,esi
	ARG	@@wnd_handle:dword

This function returns the address of the window's structure The obtained address can be used to update window properties directly.


Errors: none

Curently the wnd_handle is NOT checked against existing windows. If you ask the handle of a non existing window it will return an dummy address nevertheless. Accessing an invalid addres can result in a system crash.

It is fair to expect future versions of this function to make this simple check of the handle and return ERR_INVALID_PARAMS for out or range window handles.


Argument Type Description
wnd_handle dword HANDLE of the window who's addres to return.


Primary usage of this function is to get the addres of window_data01 private window variable. In order to get this faster a new function API_Window_Get_Addr_Private is provided.

Another use is to get a faster acces to window properties like: window_x,window_y,window_flags, window_dx,window_dy, etc.

Sample code:

	;get access to windows's private data
	Call	API_Window_Get_Addr STDCALL,[@@wnd_handle]
	mov	esi,eax
	add	esi,window_data01