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The GUI API deals with:

In Solar_OS what you know as an "application" is in fact a window of type WND_TYPE_TOP.

Because of this there is a close relationsip in between GUI and Applications

The Window Functions

GUI Function Description
API_Window_Create_Desktop Create a new Desktop window
API_Window_Create Creates all other (non desktop) Windows
API_Window_Set_Callback Setups user mode or other callbacks
API_Window_Set_Caption Setup window caption
API_Window_Set_Property Setup window property
API_Window_Get_Addr Get Addres of window structure
API_Window_Get_Addr_Private Directly Get Addres of window private variables
API_Window_Send_Message Sends a message to a window

GUI Structures Description
SOL WINDOW The Window Object Structure

GUI Constants Description
WND_TYPE OS Available Window Types
WND_FLAGS OS Available Window FLAGS
Window Events OS Available Window Messages / Events