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API_Window_Set_Property PROC STDCALL
	USES	ebx,esi
	ARG	@@wnd_handle:dword,@@prop_offset:dword,@@value:dword

This function setups one window's property. Most used are minimum resize ranges

Returns: nothing

Errors: none

Take care not to setup a property by a raw number as propertys locations inside sol_window structure might change.


Argument Type Description
wnd_handle dword HANDLE of the destination window.
prop_offset dword

offset of the destination property to set.
For example: window_dx_min,window_dy_min
Theoratically all sol_window structure dword members are valid

value dword

value to setup/write

Sample code:

	; set minimum resize values, optional
	Call	API_Window_Set_Property STDCALL,[@@wnd_handle],offset window_dx_min,200	
	Call	API_Window_Set_Property STDCALL,[@@wnd_handle],offset window_dy_min,108